Picture of Yokie (right) and Yoke Sin (left)


Yoke & Theam is a Malaysian-born footwear label conceived by two sisters, Yokie and Yoke Sin; whose passion for art & design intertwined with a family legacy in shoemaking business for over thirty years. Both sisters combined have an impressive background in graphic design, fashion and business. The first of four sisters, Yoke Sin is a graphic designer graduated from Middlesex University London and has worked in the design industry for more than ten years. The forth, Yokie on the other hand has a Business and Commerce Degree from Monash University Australia and a Master Degree from RMIT University Australia majoring in Fashion & Textiles. In 2015, backed with skills and experience, the founding sisters started Yoke & Theam which to date has boasted several crowd-pleasing footwear designs namely Zeus, Picabo, Serena and Ivy.


Yoke & Theam's popular design Picabo Leather (top) and Ivy Sandal (bottom)
Yoke & Theam's popular design Serena Sandal (top left)

Family and business do come hand in hand for both Yoke Sin and Yokie.

"Yoke is our middle name and Theam is our family name. It represents our family heritage. The history of shoemaking started with our grandfather. He spent his best years settling in three different continents to make a living and it carried on with my father till this day." – Yokie



Picture of Yokie in Picabo Leather

"My parents work really hard. They are always so passionate about their works. Seeing my dad works on his sketches and shoe patterns always inspire me. I learn a lot from them especially with paying attention to details which is the fundamental key in our business." - Yoke Sin
Picture of Yoke Sin in Ivy Sandal


Neither one of the sisters has dreamed about becoming a shoe designer but the unexpected venture is a natural transition for both the founders and designers - with their love for creating beautiful things and their noble intention to continue their family legacy.


Design Philosophy

Yoke & Theam celebrates both feminine and masculine qualities and this is a consistent theme throughout the aesthetics of our shoe collections. Empowered and independent yet still feminine and delicate, our brand resonates with women of similar characteristics. Yoke & Theam’s gender neutrality design DNA is intentional as we aspire to inspire women to look beyond common trends or specified gender images. Our unique, timeless and versatile design signature empowers women of today to build confidence and express themselves freely. Yoke & Theam shoes are designed from scratch - the materials are carefully selected and hand-crafted in our own factory based in Ipoh, Perak. Each pair; from its design finishing to packaging comes with a personal touch as they reflect on both Yoke Sin and Yokie's personal taste and preference in design.


Yoke & Theam shoes are carefree and adventurous. They suit the lifestyle of thrill seekers that want to go beyond the norms and finding elegance from within. Take us along in your day-to-day journey. Let us support your feet for long walks and we promise, our spongy foot bed will ease your tired feet, one step at a time.

Go beyond the norms, express yourself freely and never be afraid of pursuing your own dream. Most importantly, find your individual style and feel confident to be who you want to be.